People at The Core

Through years of experience and multiple planning projects I recognized early that in order to create a design that will work for the client you need to first get to know them well. As a designer and planner in Healthcare there have been years of work done to build evaluative models of design to predict department sizes based on an industry standard and best practice. These best practices have little variation based on the culture of an organization or its people. It fails to integrate all of the aspects of the environment in the model. The environment is made up of sustainability, lean and psychological human capital and overlaying regulation system. Creating a system that works in concert in a business system.
The continued evolution of sustainability in new construction and operations we continue to recognize the importance and the impact a building can have on its occupants and the community and the globe. This understanding has proven that full integration of sustainable operations in a business environment has profound benefits and impact not only financially but socially. We have developed these research based guidelines and are able to help coach what may be beneficial to your organization.
Typically you ask a leader of a department or service line to speak to their perception of how the system works. This format is slighted as you rarely have the ability to take the temperature of the entire system and how the environment is working to support them. Having the ability to look holistically and work on improvements is my organization ready for change or should we work on other things first. The difference of this survey is that the information is tied to direct research that is correlated to a physical space design. We have now reached a critical point in research and evidence based design has clear correlation to its occupants. We need a way to clearly collect this information assimilate it and create a road map for change for the organization to get to the final optimal design. These perceptions of space and environment vary based on job category and departments. You will see micro cultures within business that lead to potential derailment if they are unknown. The current industry offers a myriad of staff surveys but these do not show any relation or understanding of the built space.
Getting to the core understanding of the organization and its relationship to environment is the first step. We then need to observe and validate the perception using our systematic way of reviewing the space. This analysis integrated with a full understanding of the business operations its performance matrix will create the full integration of design. Without the CORE survey you will never be operating with the full understanding of the system and its potential outcomes to your system.

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