Lights…Music…Activate Healthy Eating!

So the New Year has rolled in and you have made a commitment to eat healthy and exercise in order to be a healthier you.  Have you thought about what environment you might need to support this resolution? A recent study showed that the environment, in particular lighting levels and music, in which you consume your meal can actually improved your experience and influence healthy food choices (Wansink & Van Ittersum, 2012). Wansick and Van Ittersum showed that if you ate in a calmer environment, with relaxing music and lower light levels, people were more satisfied and took longer to consume food that was lower in calories.  So don’t save those low-lit dinners with relaxing music for date night or special occasions.  Create a relaxing environment for every meal and you could reduce your intake of high caloric food and meet your healthy eating goal.  Go ahead – turn on the classical music and light the candles every day!





Reference:  Wansink, B., & Van Ittersum, K. (2012). Fast food restaurant lighting and music can reduce calorie intake and increase satisfaction. Psychology Reports: Human Resources and Marketing, 111(1), 228-232.

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