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Enviah in the News: The NOCH ED Groundbreaking:

Tuesday, August 18th was a proud day for North Ottawa Community Hospital as they broke ground on the expansion and renovation of their new Emergency Department. This project aims to not only design a new space, but to create an entirely new approach to care that is largely focused on community health and awareness.

Tuesday was also a proud day for the Enviah team and its founder, Dr. Lorissa MacAllister. Enviah has been working with NOCH for over two years to envision and design a space that encouraged health and wellness through the alignment of culture, operations, and the built environment.

Working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the organization, Enviah aided North Ottawa in making design decisions that were not only operationally beneficial but also created healing environments for patients, families, and staff. These design decisions included the use of more natural lighting and views to nature, collaborative workspaces to encourage partnering, and a move to all private rooms, which will increase security and provide space for the gathering of family members and friends.

Based on benchmark research and projections, staff will be 41% more efficient in the new space. And the new design actually allows North Ottawa to build 4000 square feet less than was indicated in projections, while still accommodating the increases in volume.

Construction kicks off September 1st and the new ED is expected to open next fall. Enviah is excited to continue to work with NOCH on this ambitious project and we can’t wait to see what wonderful things will come of our continued partnership!

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