Building Change

Designing a new building can take months. Designing a new care model takes years. By leveraging a new building program as a catalyst for cultural transformation, North Ottawa Community Hospital has created a rallying point for cultural change within the organization.

The building is a tool for it occupants. It can hinder, and create obstacles, or it can support the operations. Transforming an organization cannot be done one dimensionally or solely through operational changes. Transformation is most successful when it includes adjustments to the environment, operations, and social support.

The new Emergency Department at NOCH is an example of a holistic transformation of care. With the vision of changing emergency care and improving the health and well-being of the community, NOCH’s announcement in February was not just a fund-raising launch. It was a shout-out to the community of how to do things differently. The NOCH ED is not just bricks and mortar but, as shown here, a place where each staff person knows they have an important role in the new care delivery model for heath and community well-being.


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